Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Clean-Out

We also did some cleaning.
If you know me, or have been reading this blog very long, you know that I have a soft spot in my heart for cleaning! :)

Spring Break= Perfect Opportunity

And that Perfect Opportunity was my basement.
To clean the basement out was one of my New Years Goals.
And I am well on my way!!!!

I invited a friend to come over and help me box up my 'yard sale stuff' to donate.

This is where I must stop and interject my ah-ha moment that I had a month or two ago.

As I look around at all that we (me, the Hubby and kids) have, I do feel truly blessed. We've been married almost 8 years now and have collecting quite a bit of STUFF.
And that's what I'm learning it is. Stuff.

Just stuff.

I have been trying to live more minimally this year. And I am totally feeling weighed down by the amount of tubs of clothes, old shoes, unused coats, useless decorations, etc. that are overflowing in our basement.
Part of the reason that I want to live more minimally, is so when the opportunity to give arises, I won't have a reason to say "no".

The teens at our Church are hosting a rummage sale to sell donated items. All of the money is going to their missions trip this summer.
I felt very convicted to donate ALL of my stuff (that I normally would hold a yard sale for) to the rummage sale for the teens.

At first, I was so excited. Getting rid of all that stuff and I don't have to price anything! But, as I started to go through things to 'donate' it was quite hard. I'm not even sure why. I didn't even know what was in most of the boxes!
 I prayed a lot the day my friend came to help. I certainly didn't want to chicken out of my donations.

With the Lord's help (and I truly mean that- He helped me not be sentimental that day!), we boxed up quite a bit.
After calling in more teens to help load, all the stuff was out of the basement.

I'm glad they all drove separately....

(#1 Vehicle- a van)

(#2 Vehicle- a SUV)

(#3 Vehicle- a truck)

(#4 Vehicle- our SUV)

(#5 Vehicle- Joel's Jeep)

Loaded and ready to go!

The spot in my basement that I stored all of my garage sale stuff to sell.....
Anyone need a garage sale sign??? I won't be needing it!

So, after a long day of work over our Spring Break, I feel 5 car loads lighter.... literally!

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  1. Yay for accomplishing a goal for this year, and that's awesome that you donated all that stuff! I love it that God's strength is there even in these types of trials that we face. Thanks for sharing :)