Friday, April 13, 2012

It's In The Small Things

Sometimes the small things can be just as exciting as the BIG things!

Like this small labor of love from my husband...

The existing sink and previous faucet that came with the house:

You can barely see the faucet, right? It was sooo short! I was constantly hitting it with my pots and pans.
But the most ANNOYING part was the auto-shut off. At first, I liked the feature. (For about a week.) But common tasks became a nuisance.
Like, washing your hands. You'd have to be really quick or the water would shut off on you mid-wash. Leaving you with soapy hands.
Or anytime I needed to fill a pot of water, or fill the sink to wash dirty dishes, I had to physically stand there and hold the water on.
I could never leave the water on and walk away because it was guaranteed to shut off in 2.5 seconds.

And the separate water 'filter'?...
Pointless for us. We have filtered water in the fridge. So it's always cold and ready. Plus, this 'filtered' faucet was never hooked up to a filter.
So, if you came to my house and filled your glass using this faucet, you probably thought you were getting filtered water. (Sorry!)

Finally, I bought a new faucet- only after my Handy-Man agreed to put it in!

Out with the old....

In with the new....

And now I have a super cute soap pump too! :)

I'm so proud and thankful for my husband!
This project was a little out of his 'comfort zone'.

He can trouble-shoot any computer problem at work, rebuild the brains of a machine to revive it into running, fix any fixable computer and solve so many problems on my computer with just the touch of his hands. (Literally, I will be so frustrated after hours of trying to do something on the computer, he comes home, touches the mouse, and it all performs perfectly for him.)
 And all of that barely scratches the surface of his God given talents!

He is not, however, a woods-working, build-a-room-on kinda guy.
And I LOVE him for that!
But, he is willing to learn new skills (like installing ceiling fans, fixing plumbing problems, and the newly faucet exchange). Willing to do it for me!
(So, if I did want a room added on, he'd learn how to do it!)

I am honored to be his wife and I hope I am the encouragement to him that he is to me!

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