Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toy Closet Project Complete!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, we took a look at what was behind Door #1.

Now join me in peeking behind Door #2!!!!!!

Toys for all the good little girls and good little boys!!!!!
(Left side)

(Right Side)

Sorry, no 'during' photos were taken of the closet, but let me remind you of the 'befores' so you get a real sense of the transformation that took place!

This was the storage closet originally....

And this was when we first moved the toys to the closet...


The top shelf holds all of the boxed games.
Below that are foam blocks, the musical instruments box and electronic games.

On the top right, you'll see more boxed games and below that shelf are some of Reese's toys. (Barbies, My Little Pony and her LEGO's.)

The lower left shelves hold the Zhu-Zhu pets and My Little People.

The middle right shelves have Baby Doll and 'doctor' boxes.

The lower right (pink) fabric bins are filled with kitchen accessories. (We're big eaters around here, even if it's play food!)

And the kitchen fits in the corner!

The middle of the closet:
Purple plastic bins hold puppets and 'cleaning';
Teal fabric bins hold puzzles;
And below with the kitchen toys is, the current favorite, Mr. Potato Head box.

And the I-need-to-be-painted table sits where you can 'eat' or play!
(I just love empty floor space!!!!)

And your question:
Does your closet really stay like that???

And my answer:
Yes! My kids love the organization. They can find any toy they want when they want it! If they play puzzles, they are very good about putting the puzzles back before getting out My Little People. I love when they sit together in the closet and play. They share and help each other clean up.

No, this did not just 'happen'. As most things with children, it took training. Sitting and playing, and showing them to clean one thing up before getting something else out- mostly with Graham.

{ The exception? When friends come over, you can play with everything if you want. :) }

I think my closets speak for me when I tell you
 I'm thankful for my Dad!!
Thankful for his hard work, his God-given talent,
his love for his family and his dedication to the Lord.


  1. Lindsey, your new closet projects are awesome--just love your organizational skills in practice :) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!
    This is such a fun blog to follow--you definitely have a gift!

    Melanie Vradenburgh

  2. Thanks for the info! I was curious were did you get your colorful canvas bins? I am looking to do something similar

  3. I'm trying to do this exact same thing. What kind of shelving system is this, and where did you buy it? Thanks!!

    1. Jenni, all of this shelving was purchased at Lowe's. It has brackets that attach to the wall and then shelves can be hooked in and moved as needed. I saved money by buying long pieces of the shelves and then cutting them to custom sizes.
      Hope this helps!