Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter {Weekend}

We had a great extended weekend as a family!

We spent two days with dear friends on a little family trip.
When we got home Saturday evening, Easter baskets from Gramma and Pa Pa were waiting in the mail!

Can we say EXCITEMENT?!?!?!?

Getting right down to business....

And of course, new jammies, are a-must-try-on-right-away!

(Thank You Gramma and Pa Pa for the 'prizes'!!!!!)

Then it was time to dye eggs! This was serious business....

Such concentration!

When the eggs were finished, we decided to try a Resurrection Cookie recipe that I came across weeks ago.
I was so excited to have a Christ-centered, kitchen activity for the kids to do!
And around here, the word COOKIES, gets this response...

It started off great! 
(Partially because it involved Mommy letting the kids beat the table with wooden spoons.)

Looking back on it, I should have saved this part for last. It represented the beating that Christ took before His death. Unfortunately, it was hard to keep my 2-year-old entertained as we turned the mood to reflection of what Jesus Christ went through for us.

Reese stayed at the table to listen to the verses and helped add the other ingredients to finish the cookies.

The cookies were put in the oven and then the door was to be tapped to represent the tomb.

"Are you sure Mommy?"
(Another thing they are not usually allowed to do.)
"NO putting tape on anything but paper" is what I usually say.
Does anyone else have to have these rules???

If you would like to see the recipe I used for Resurrection Cookies, click here.

After a long weekend, it was off to bed so that the Easter Bunny could make 'her' visit!!!

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  1. We have done Resurrection rolls for Easter dinner for years. It's always been fun for even my big kids. ;)