Friday, April 26, 2013

Bump Date- 2 weeks

Today marks 38 weeks for Baby #3.
Technically, I could 'go' anytime.
{This thought makes me excited and anxious all at the same time.}
We can't wait to see this Baby's sweet face.

At my last doctor's appointment, I was 1 centimeter dilated. (TMI? Sorry.) Considering 10 centimeters is the magic number, being 1 centimeter isn't that impressive, but waaaayyyyyy better then zero!

I weighed in at 159. (I knew I felt a growth spirt.) That puts my total weight gain at 34 pounds.
What are the chances this baby is a 20-pounder???


I purchased the kids 'hospital shirts' that say 'Big Sister' and 'Big Brother'.
View all of their cute shirts {HERE} at Happytown Embroidery!


No new cravings but, despite my 2 pound weight gain this past week, I have been slightly limiting how much I stuff my face. Having a full belly is getting pretty uncomfortable. 

And just for fun......

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you opt for nude color nail polish. That way, when you paint most of it on your skin, no one will be able to tell. (It's like painting your toe nails blind folded. It takes true talent.)

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you step over things on the floor just so you don't have to bend over to pick them up.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant if you try every avenue of picking things up rather than actually bending over. (Using your toes, broom, or just kick it to the wall so it's not a tripping hazard.)

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you need to stand sideways on the scale at the doctors office.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you're packing your hospital bag.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you feel ALL of the emotions one can possibly feel- all at the same time.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you can't reach the center of your island to wipe the counter.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you take long hot showers because the hot water feels so good on your back!

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you loose track of how many times you get up in the middle of the night to use the potty.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when people ask, "You're still pregnant?"

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you install a baby carseat into your car.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when your drawstring pants get in a knot and you have to have your husband get the knot undone because you can't see it.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you plan freezer meals to make for after Baby comes.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you've considered taking out a small loan to pay for the excessive amount of toilet paper used each day in the obnoxious number of potty trips.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when your 'big' maternity clothes are suddenly a little too tight/short for comfort giving you that
'My-belly-is-hanging-out-of-the-bottom-of-my-shirt' feeling.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you get winded when even thinking of: walking up stairs, putting on shoes, doing any aspect of laundry, dusting, or any activity that doesn't allow you to be in a sitting position.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when switching from side-to-side in bed is the'

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when you always have something on your shirt because you can't scoot close enough to the table while eating to prevent food dripping down the front of you.

You know you're 38 weeks pregnant when every food you see looks good enough to eat, but you refrain because there just isn't room to engorge yourself anymore!

Happy 38 weeks to me and Happy Friday to you!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bump Day Bump Date- 4 weeks

I starting writing lots of great reasons why I haven't posted a Bump Day Bump Date the last few weeks. None of them sounded good enough. So, I'll just stick with, "Hey! I'm pregnant, give me a break." :)
Good news, now I'm even closer!!!! The countdown is on ONE HAND!

Today marks 36 weeks and 5 days.
Not that I'm counting or anything.... {I'm hoping you sensed the sarcasm dripping off that statement.}
I am TOTALLY counting down! We are just too excited not to.

At my last appointment, I weighed in at 157. I think next time I go, I'm going to need to stand on the scale backwards. Not because I don't want to see what the scale says, but because my belly hits the rail in front of me and I barely have room to stand on the scale!
{That puts my weight gain, so far, at 32 pounds.}
It was also my first of the 'every week' check-ups. And every woman knows, you are nearing the end when you go every week!
But, in the words of my Doctor, "Not much happening down there."
Totally not what I was expecting.
Oh well. My baby will come when he/she is ready.
And after we buy a carseat.
And after the bassinet is set up.
And after my Mom gets here...... :)


I think I'm done buying maternity clothes at this point.
I do however want to invest in some nursing tank tops and I've been peeking at my non-maternity summer clothes to see what I can wear to nurse easily.


I'm still on this ice chip kick. And a tall glass of chocolate milk with my breakfast every morning. :)

At an appointment a few weeks ago, I mentioned to my Doctor that I have been having more calf cramps during the night. His advice was to drink 2 Gatorade sports drinks a day to help. I totally want to do that, except something about drinking Gatorade right now makes me feel a little nauseous.


Easter Sunday 
{34 weeks}

{35 Weeks}


I should say that has started. I painted my bathroom a few weeks ago. I currently have 4 different paint samples on the walls in my kitchen. When we have guests over I have to say, "Excuse my indecisiveness."
I rearranged both kids rooms and have started Spring cleaning.
Sunday, I sewed curtains for my bedroom and have fabric for the kitchen windows ready to be made into curtains.

I'm not sure the true definition of 'nesting'. For me, I think it's more than wanting to get ready for baby, it's making a list when you first find out you're pregnant, procrastinating till you're huge, and then trying to finish things on this list that has grown considerably- right along side of your belly that has, incidentally, also grown considerably!
Either way, I'm totally nesting. :)

Happy Bump Day!!!!