Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012- Goals For the Year

Notice I call them goals and not 'resolutions'.

"A Resolution- a resolve or determination." (

The word 'determination' sounds so firm! I wanted to take some of the pressure off of my list of things to accomplish in 2012 so I'm calling them goals. That way, if they don't happen, it's okay! A year is a long time.
I don't know what the future holds and as circumstances in life change, my goals might also.

With that said, here they are....

Health Goals:
1. Floss more regularly. I am aiming for every other day. (I'm hoping my Dental Hygienist is reading this! Her scrapping every 6 months is the reason for this goal. hehe)
2. Drink more water. Boy, that was hard to type. I try to drink lots of water, but I kinda hate it! (Just being honest) I know it has great health benefits and I plan on seeing some this year! My goal is to drink 2 full glasses of water a day. That doesn't really sound like much as I type it, but I know it'll be hard to pass up sweet tea and choose to drink water instead!

Home Goals:
1. Pantry Project- Remove existing shelving and replace it with more space-efficient shelving. I will also reorganize it and I am going to try to 'stock it up' on food items.
(See what I mean? So much wasted space. My little Artist's corner -top right- is starting to take over.)

2. Guest Bedroom Project- Transform the existing play room (our spare bedroom upstairs) into a guest bedroom. Removing the toys, adding a bed and bed tables, paint, window treatments, decor.
3. Hall Closet Project- Remove existing clothes rack and install space-efficient shelving. This will be the new place for some toys and 'some' off-season clothes. Because, really, who needs an entire second closet for clothes (half of which we don't wear)?!?!?!

4. BASEMENT (ugh) This was on my 'goals' for 2011. Obviously, it didn't get done! I was planning on doing a clean-up over haul on all the stuff down there! It was all in hopes of starting to re-finish our basement, which was also on the 2011 goals list. But, we changed our minds on the basement finishing project, so the clean-up project didn't seem so important. It has gotten so bad that I now cannot go into the basement without coming back up in a really bad mood.
(I spared my family of a grumpy Mommy by staying upstairs to take the picture. It's also a huge tripping hazard down there!)

Family Goals:  (Without getting too specific and personal)
1. Making special time for my kids individually.
2. Taking trips to the Library more often.

Spiritual Goals:
1. Read through the Bible in one year.
2. Making my quiet time, a 'priority time'. Priority- over cleaning and other time consuming things that can be temptations to put your Bible to the side. Time- meaning, quality and quantity.
3. Praying more with (and for) my husband. Going beyond dinner prayers and good-night prayers with the kids.

Shew! It sounds like a lot, but a year is a long time as you go day by day. I know when the clock strikes midnight and we begin the New Year of 2013, I'll be saying "Where did 2012 go?" (Hopefully, I'll be saying that with a glass of water, cleaner teeth, a clean basement, organized closets, and a happy, well read to, family!)
Happy 2012 Goals!

*Confession. I added these HORRIBLE pictures to show you the 'before'. If I know that you have seen the before, I'll be more likely to show you the afters! :)
Closet re-do coming to a blog near you!!!!!


  1. Your goals are almost the same as mine! I have a few more rooms that need work. Hmmm...maybe I should do the 'before' pics for the same reason. haha

  2. Great goals, Lindsey! I know what you mean about the 'before' pictures; I feel that way with sharing anything on my blog that I haven't done yet. Once I type it out and publish, it's as if all my readers are now holding me accountable to whatever I said! Enjoy accomplishing all your goals :)