Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter {Sunday} 2012

Our pretty Easter Eggs.....

We had fun with the white crayon that came with the coloring kit :)
(Mickey seems to make an appearance in everything around here!)

Such talent!!

That Easter Bunny sure keeps us on our toes!
Reese and Graham had a furry path to follow Easter morning to find their Easter 'bags'.

Good Morning!!!!!

That's one FUZZY Bunny!

"It's there!"

Easter Goodies!

Time to open the 'Tomb' and check out the cookies!

Off  to Church!

(Lunch at Great-Grandma's house.)
I'm pretty sure a Cousin's Easter Egg Hunt Plan was being made here!

The Golden Egg!

(Yes, that's my son!)
Love that BOY!

We hope your Easter was filled with the remembrance of our LIVING Savior, worship, family and fun!

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