Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies (& 9 Years in the Making)

OK, it hasn't taken me 9 years of cookie-making to find the best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.
But it is our 9th Engagement Anniversary!
And I did happen to find the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!

Here we are 9 years ago (right after he popped the question) at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina....

Look how young (skinny and tan) we were...

I'm so glad we had family there waiting to see the ring and celebrate with us!

Oh by the way,
No digital camera 9 years ago + scanner not working tonight = a picture of a picture!

So, last year, on our 8th Engagement Anniversary, I made this.....
Joel then thought it was me 'announcing' something.
As he said, "We're pregnant?"
"Um, no, honey. Sorry, it's just a strawberry cake!"

I thought I'd try a number again this year......
He didn't ask again this year, but just in case he did, the answer is still 'no'. :)

I stopped by a rummage sale today and thought I'd 'splurge' since it's our anniversary.
I found this 'pair' of chairs and thought it was perfect to buy since we have been a  'pair' for 9 years!
1$ later and I have a pair of chairs in my garage.
(A little TLC and you won't recognize them!)
And, yes, they are missing arms! (As my husband so lovingly pointed out as he got them out of the car. )
Ha Ha

And now, the reason you're still reading...
The BEST Chocolate Chip Recipe I've ever made:

Deep Dish Cookie Pies

You can fill ramekins 1/2 full, bake and then top with ice-cream....

Or, make cookies....

And because these are sitting in front of me, calling my name, 
to get the recipe for these yummy cookies, click

I followed their recipe to the 'T'. 
To make their 'pies' into 'cookies', place tablespoons of dough on a cookie sheet and bake at 375* for 11 minutes.

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  1. Those cookie pies look so good! I could eat at least two right now :) Happy Anniversary! I love that you keep track of and celebrate all of these milestones in the life of your family. Looking forward to seeing the TLC on those chairs ;)