Monday, April 16, 2012

Pantry Project Complete!!!!!!

What is behind Door #1???

Could it be a new pantry?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Why, YES it is!!!!

Did you forget what it was before????
Here's a reminder:
Oh my. I needed new shelving so badly!!!!
There was so much wasted space.


Here's a break down of my new organization on my new shelves:
I wanted to use all the height of the closet so I had my Dad install narrow shelving at the top for extra storage for serving baskets.

The shorter shelves to the left of the closet act as 'drawers' with my cloth tableware stored neatly.

The top left holds grilling tools, candy, medicines and then below that, are boxed foods.

I wanted to store my vacuum in a central location of the house. If it was stored anywhere else, I new it would be an inconvenience. I use it almost daily so this closet was a perfect spot! My Dad allotted the room to be able to store the vacuum and my steamer to the left of the closet!

To eliminate the wasted space in the back (because of the vacuum), I purchased wire baskets to hold baking mixes and bagged food.
Plus, they were too cute to pass up!!!

The middle right holds the canned goods...

Below that are the snacks. I wanted them to be 'reachable' to little hands so, on the way out the door, they can grab a snack if needed.

I wanted to keep the floor clear for the most part. It holds my step stool and heavy 2 liters.

And my favorite part....
Do you remember when Reese had a wrought iron heart made for me for
Valentine's Day???
That was my one 'Must Have' in the pantry. I wanted to have room to hang the heart in the closet for my apron! And it's perfect!!!

I am sooo thankful that my Dad took his vacation time to help me with the pantry!

We shopped...

And he built quicker than I could have imagined...
(I was good at standing around and watching.)


The white wire shelving (I quickly found out) can be expensive. My Dad helped me design a closet that was very effective- storage-wise and financial-wise.
We used all the 'extra' little pieces of shelving and measured a million times so that we didn't waste space or shelving.
And with the main 'bones' of the closet organization, safetly secured in the back, I can rearrange the white wire shelves easily into a zillion different closets!

One last final look...

And one last
THANK YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will think of you everytime I unload and put away groceries.
Which, by the way, has become my new favorite 'chore'.

Love you,
(Feeling spoiled and totally organized!)

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  1. This is lovely! We have the same steam mop too- which I adore! Aren't Dads/Father-in-laws wonderful?! :D