Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Pumpkin

A super cute, super EASY way to give your home that extra special, personal touch.... 
Chalkboard Message Pumpkin. 

Here's How:

1. Wash your pumpkin and let dry.
{I used dish soap and a wet paper towel. I did not submerge the pumpkin in water.}

2. Cut out a template the shape you want your message board to be.
{I found this label template HERE. After printing it and cutting it out, I taped it on my pumpkin.}

3. Trace around your template.

4. Paint with Chalkboard paint.

5. Do steps 1 through 4 as many times as you want!

6. When your chalkboard paint is dry, message away!

{'Boo!' was on our front porch for the Tricker-Treaters!}

{'Welcome' your guests in such a fun way!}

{'Give Thanks' is a perfect saying for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday!}

{Home Sweet Home}        {We made one 'Get Well' Pumpkin to give as a gift.}

Here's a few tips:
- When changing your message, wipe lightly. If you rub hard, you run the risk of the chalkboard paint coming off. 
- Pick out smooth pumpkins. The more the ridges, the harder it is to write on the chalkboard.
- If your pumpkins are staying indoors, be mindful of where you set them. If they are on a wood surface, I suggest placing something to protect your wood under the pumpkin.
- Read your chalkboard paint instructions on the length of time to allow your paint to dry before writing on it. I waited 24 hours.
- You can paint your message board without using a template.
{Although the traced template line made painting with chalkboard paint easy.}