Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beginning of School 2014

We start our 'school prep' every year with the same feeling….
Is summer really over?!?!?!
Then the first morning of school hits and you're glad you listened to yourself about getting things organized and ready. 
(Yes. I talk to myself. Sometimes out loud and my children answer me.)

So organizing…..
My kids are the kind that like to know what is coming. 

What are we doing tomorrow?
Where are we going after lunch?
What am I wearing?

This is something small we do that makes a BIG impact in the smooth department on those early school mornings: 

Clothes pins with the days of the week. Who knew?
You could easily make your own but I came across these at Hobby Lobby. $3 was well worth the absence of the morning question, What am I wearing? 

My kids have uniforms so picking out clothes really isn't that big of a deal. There's just something about seeing all the hangers lined up with the day clipped on that makes me happy.

For the 5-year-old, I hang his pants and belt too. We like to accessorize around here.
Girls and boys.
(My son might have a bigger shoe issue than his mother, just sayin'.)

 And if hangers aren't your thing, or you are low on closet space, or you hate clothes pins or something….
Wall hooks might be for you.
 (Did I mention there is a love of ties also? What can I say…  the boy likes to look good!)

Chances are, your kids' teacher is already organized. So, why not give a little gift to start the year?

I loved this idea…
Let me know when you need me to "chip" in to help.
Fill a cute basket, bucket, bag, etc. with something involving chips.
Preferably, the chocolate kind.
Print out the cuuuuute tag at The Same Difference and attach it to your gift!

And to start the year on the right foot, why not a mini pedicure set? Teachers spend their days on their feet!
Foot cream, nail polish and a foot shaped file wrapped in a clear bag is sure to be a gift that any teacher will love!
There are three printable 'foot' sayings to choose from over at Reading Confetti.

The first morning of school, we head outside to take the 'pictures'.
You know the ones…. where Mom scrounges around Pinterest for that perfect First Day Printable… prints it, cuts it, frames it…..
I doubt there are many kids that don't hold a sign stating their new grade.

My kids are troopers and never complain because they know this make Mommy happy!

 (Don't forget to include the too-young-for-school siblings!)

Off to school….
This is the first year I can say Most of my kids are in school!
And that kinda sounds like I have 10 or so.
So, I'll just exclaim how I can't believe I have one in k-4 and a 3rd grader!

Fun Fact:
Graham's teacher also taught Joel when he was in k-4 and kindergarten (in the same classroom!).
Joel's cousin was also in that class (20 some years ago).
His cousins son is also in Graham's class this year.
I'm thinking their teacher is going to have a few flash backs of boys from 25 years ago….
It's funny she didn't seat our 5 year olds next to each other. It's like she remembered how their dads acted. (wink wink)
She must have been really young when she taught them because she certainly doesn't look old enough to have 2nd generation students!

Happy School Year!