Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Fun With Friends

Last week was Spring Break.
Although, it should be called Spring Busy. Because who really 'breaks'?

We decided to cram as much fun and friend time into one week as we could.

The first day, we stayed in town for a fun morning at the park and a pizza lunch!
(I didn't take any pictures that day because it was cold enough to wear gloves.
 Gloves and iPhones don't mix.)


Our next friend get-together we decided to go to a Children's Museum.
We have way too much fun every time we go there!

Here's a sneak peak at all that fun....

(Mr. Potato Head Exhibit)


(The Dino Dig Zone)

(LEGO Exhibit)

(Carousel Ride)

(Play House Area)


And our last day with friends for Spring Busy was spent at the zoo.....
Well, sort of. It poured! We hung out in the Monkey House as long as possible but the rain just didn't stop. We went with Plan B and headed to a warm, dry home for lunch!

Happy Spring Y'all!!!!

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