Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reindeer Thank Yous

It's February, which means I always have my Christmas
Thank-You cards in the mail before February.
(Well, usually.)
I'm a little late, but they are made, written and ready to mail today!

I think the art of a hand written note is, sadly, loosing it's importance in our society today. I guess I could be considered 'old-fashioned' on this subject. I think a great, written, 'Thank You' note will be cherished by the reader. 
After all, they took the time to be deserving of a Thank-You, so I want to take time and show my appreciation with meaningful words.

This year I saw some cute reindeer cards on Pinterest. I didn't read the How-To tutorial but, by the picture, it's pretty self-explanatory.

Here's What You'll Need:
(also black squirt paint, not pictured)

Here's How:
1. Using the brown ink, stamp each thumb of your family.
The order we went: Reese, Me, Daddy, Graham.

2. Then I added noses with the squeeze paint. Black for me and the kids and red for Daddy (Rudolph).

3. Then using the same squeeze paint I dotted on eyes.
When all the paint was dry, I drew antlers on top of the reindeer.

4. Then spend a little time expressing your thankfulness!

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  1. This is such a fantastic idea! I need to get on my thank you's too! Thanks for the reminder :)