Monday, February 27, 2012

100 Things

I recently read a story about a woman that removes 100 items from her home every year or so.

"So once a year, and sometimes twice if I feel the house is getting cluttered, I do a “100 Things” project on a weekend.
It’s quite simple: I must find 100 things to get rid of in some way."

This came at a great time for me. Remember one of my New Year's goals was to clean out the upstairs hall closet and make it a toy closet? I was in the midst of taking our off-season clothes from the hall closet and putting them in our bedroom closet. (Along with the current season clothes.)

(This is our upstairs hall closet)

There is a severe problem reason that we needed two closets for clothes. Too MANY!

For years we had put our off-season clothes in huge containers. Twice a year, I would pack up the off-season clothes, my husband would carry the HUGE containers to the basement, bring up the stored clothes and I would un-pack them.
(shew.... exhausting just thinking about doing that 2 times a year!)
Then I decided to keep them hung, in the hall closet, for easier switching during season change. Yes, that was a good idea, in terms of ease of transportation, but it also allowed us the 'freedom' to keep and purchase even more clothes.

So, here comes the part that I have been feeling soooo overwhelmed with STUFF.
I feel this way anytime I visit my basement, too.
My desire is to live life minimally. I have tried to slim down 'things' in general.
Realizing what we do have, rather than complaining about what we don't is humbling and satisfying. And it brings on a heart of giving- more on that another day!

So, my solution to minimizing my closet.... (drum-roll please).... 
we are getting rid of 100 THINGS just in our closet! Ta-da!
(Here's one side of our closet- with just the current season clothes)

It doesn't seem that hard right? RIGHT! That's what I thought!! So, you'll do it with me????
You may not have a busting-at-the-seems-closet like me, but maybe you can collect 100 THINGS somewhere else. Or in your entire home combined?
As you go about your daily business today, take a look around at all that you have been blessed with and see if you can spot some things that are cluttering your potential to organization!
Then, if you decide to join me, take this week and search for the items you'd like to remove. Keep a tally so you know when you've reached 100 THINGS.
A week from today, I'll report on my 100 THINGS to get rid of and we'll see how I did!

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  1. This is a great idea! I just might join you...