Friday, February 24, 2012

Spirit Week

We've got spirit, YES we do!
We've got spirit, how about YOU?

(High School cheerleading flash-back there.)

Spirit Week 2012

Clash Day
(She's definitely not short on accessories!)

Nerd Day
Reese won first place in her class for 'Best Nerd'!

Storybook Character Day

Around the World Day
(Authentic German outfit)

School Colors Day
(Not to be left out. He posed himself!)

Wrapping up Spirit Week with the Homecoming Basketball Game...
(The Big Cheerleaders let the little ones cheer with them.
This made my little cheerleaders' day!
A BIG thanks to the BIG girls for including the cheerleader-want-to-bes!)

He's just oozing with spirit!
Go Lions!

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