Monday, February 6, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday

Today marks the birthday of someone that is very special to me.
My Mom.

This picture describes it best of how we feel about 'Gramma' around here.
(This was Reese when she was 2.)

Some of my favorite things that I have inherited from my mom are:
1. Her love for babies
2. Her love for organization and craftiness.
3. Her desire to give to others.
4. Her brown eyes.

I hope that I am as good of a mom to my kids as she is to me!

Thanks for spending your birthday, 29 years ago, so very pregnant as you anxiously awaited the arrival of me. Thank you for showing me love, honesty, and how to clean.
I love you.
I hope that you have a terrific birthday! You certainly deserve it!
Love, Lins

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  1. that might be the cutest picture i have ever seen! :)