Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mini Spring-Clean Week #2

I did a few more things, of my usual 'Spring Cleaning', to help myself out the week of the actual 'Spring Cleaning'.

Here's what I did:

Upper Cabinets Re-Organize

The first upper cabinet is where I store my cake decorating accessories. I also keep my party paper products up there. All things that I don't use on a daily, or even weekly, basis.

Before (It always looks worse when you document it with a picture!)

Top Shelf: Paper plates and napkin
Middle Shelf: Cupcake tree, icing tips and other decorating tools, sprinkles, food colorings
Bottom: Disposable cups, cake carrier, cake turn table and cupcake liners

Another great idea I saw on Pinterest...
Putting your cupcake liners in clear containers so they are stored and organized. I purchased the plastic-handled containers at Target in the dollar section.
My mini cupcake liners fit in a canning jar I had on hand.
I put them all on my no-slip cake turn table so I can easily spin it around to see all my liners.

The second upper cabinet wasn't a huge cleaning deal, but I wiped it out and re-organized a little...



Kitchen Table Area
I purchased a new rug for under our kitchen table.
Here are my steps for cleaning in preparation for the new rug...

1. Remove table, chairs and old rug
2. Sweep and scrub floor under the old rug
3. Wipe table and chairs down
4. Place new rug in it's spot
5. Replace table - Hit your head on the light fixture as you are putting the table back, see dust fly and then clean the light fixture.
6. Get a big sheet and have a 'reading tent' before bedtime. 
7. Put chairs back
8. See if you can go a week without anyone spilling something on your new rug! ;)

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