Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bedroom Re-Do

This wasn't a COMPLETE (as in walls removed, reconstruction, etc.) bedroom re-do, but it is definietly a change.
I scored a great deal on bedding that I've had my eye on for quite some time.
Queen Duvet and 2 Pillow Shams- $29
2 Euro Pillows- $10 each
2 Accent Pillows- $26 together
(If you don't TJMaxx, you should!)

It started with bedding and moved on to paint...

I walked into our paint store armed with paint chip samples that I thought would be the perfect shade of gray.
Sample #1- too purple

The next trip to the same paint store, I mentioned that I never thought gray would be such a hard color to match. I got laughed at. Apparently I'm just figuring out what everyone else already knows about gray paint!
Sample #2- too baby blue-looking

The third trips' a charm right?!?!? At this point, the paint guy was probably anything but happy to see me. I got two samples this time.
My daughter even said , "I hope this paint looks good so we can stop coming here!"
And third time is a charm!
Sample #3- Accent wall
Sample #4- Surrounding walls

Hooray! Now I can actually start painting rather than just the test spots.

Here's the BEFORE (with some test spots painted)

I paint test spots on every wall because the color may look different on every wall.
Leave your test spots up for at least 24 hours. That way you can see it during different times of the day, depending on the lighting.

Next, fill any holes that you may have from pictures, curtains, etc.
Tape areas that you are not comfortable 'cutting in' . (Painting term for painting the edges, free handed.)
I can't cut-in to the left of molding because I am right handed. I have also found it easier to tape the base molding. That way, you don't have to lay on the floor to paint. It also prevents little specks of paint landing on your molding when you are painting with the roller.

Move all furniture to the middle of the room...

(I was waaaayyyy into painting to take any decent 'during' pictures.)


I'm planning on getting crisp, white (simple) panels made for the windows.
I'm going to add ribbon accents to match one of my accent pillows...

The bed skirt was free (taken from my daughter's room... her before and after will hopefully appear around here next week.)

I love the hotel feeling...

Speaking of accents, I chose the wall behind the bed to be a darker color to 'frame' the bed.

I see a white shelf above the bed....

The decor part is what isn't finished.
I'll post more pictures as it gets fully completed.
It took us almost 8 years of marriage to get nice, matching night stands.
I wonder how long until I can get a real dresser????

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  1. LOVE it!! That bedding is gorgeous--I can see why you've wanted it for a long time.