Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Purging Questions

If you are removing 100 THINGS with me, I wanted to help encourage the purging process.
(If you missed that challenge, read HERE.)

Three simple words to remember... LOVE, NEED, USE.

Let me explain...

LOVE- Ask yourself, "Do I love this?".
If your answer is "No, I do not love this." Then why keep it? Now, I don't mean it has to be a shirt you love so much that you wear if every other day. But, if it's something you don't really like, or maybe that cute summer dress that doesn't really like you, then why allow it to hang in your closet or sit on your shelves only to take up precious space?

NEED- Ask yourself, "Do I need this?"
In my personal 100 ITEM purge, I asked myself, "Do I really need 18 pairs of jeans?" Obviously, no. It sounds ridiculous that I even had 18 pairs of denim!

USE- Ask yourself, "Have I worn/used this in the last year?"
A year is a long time! 365 opportunities and if that faded red sweater didn't make the cut this year, chances are, you're not going to wear it next winter!
Or what about that crock pot? No, not your two newer ones but the 5th one that you inherited or that was given to you as a gift? Ask yourself if you really need 5 crock pots.

Happy purging!

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