Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning

You might be saying, "Seriously? It's still winter."
My response, "I can't help it!"
I get the Christmas decor down and I'm itching to clean.

I thought I'd start my actual 'Spring Cleaning List' early with a few little things from my Crazy Spring Cleaning Week.

If you'd like to work along with me, I'll try to post every week of what I have been working on so that you can get a head start too! Don't worry, it'll be light easy things that can easily be added to your everyday things that you already clean/organize/put-away/cook, etc.

Jewelry Cleaning
I cleaned out my jewelry cabinet and it has been
much more fun picking out jewelry for the day!



After (jewerly to add to the get rid of pile):

Coffee Stash
I received a few free coffee samples in the mail one day last week. When I put them away, I realized the cabinet that had all our coffee/hot chocolate/tea needed to be re-organized.


(Hot drinks are much better with fun mugs! Get ones like these here!)

(Take it all out, wipe it down, put most of it back.)


Coffee Stash turned Spice Stash
When I cleaned out the 'Coffee Stash' I found some cinnamon that needed to be in the Spice Stash Cabinet. Well, that needed re-organizing too!


(Sometimes you forget you can move your cabinet shelves to help re-organize!)

Spice Stash turned Potholder Drawer
When I was moving the shelves in the Spice Stash Cabinet, I had to use my jar-opener-gripper-thing-so-you-don't-get-blisters to remove the shelve pegs. So when I put the gripper-thing back into the drawer, yep, that needed cleaned out too. (This is the point at which I didn't let myself open anymore cabinets so that I could get out of the kitchen!)

(The green thing on the bottom right is the grippy-thing I was talking about)

And to think it all started with free samples!

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  1. You're way ahead of me! Doesn't it feel SO good, though, to get those little things done?? Can't wait to see what else you're doing.