Monday, February 13, 2012

Mini Spring-Clean Week #3

Okay, the first Spring Clean project was in the kitchen this week.
Small change here, but sometimes the baby steps make you feel just as organized as the big steps!

My Mom's Jelly Cabinet
(a.k.a. my cookbook cabinet)
It's kinda sad that I need an entire cabinet to keep cookbooks. 
I really tried to thin them down some, but it was difficult. (Key word tried.) 


Any suggestions for all of those old Taste of Home magazines? 
On my to-do list (when it's warmer outside) is to paint this cabinet!

The second cleaning project this week was in our bathroom....

(My usual: yank it all out, wipe it all down, purge the un-needed and replace what you need and use.)

My hubby was excited he got his 'own' drawer!
(I purged extra of my 'junk' to make it happen.) 
I also put all of our things (in our individual drawers) into baskets. When you are getting ready, just pull the basket to the counter and then when you are finished, it's easy to just have to put one thing back in the drawer- the basket!

Okay, okay.... I needed two baskets in my drawer.

Then the top, shared drawer...
Our night-time regiment of things.
(And yes, we brush our teeth more often than just at night.)

This picture reminds me of an argument many years ago...
If you have a little argument in your marriage,
remember it's not worth it and you can always find a solution!!!!!
Here is a picture of one of our solutions....
Did you notice?
TWO separate toothpaste tubes. Both squeezed, COMPLETELY different.
This solved one of our early frustrations when we were first married. 
We have been happily not sharing toothpaste, in the same drawer, for almost 8 years!

Okay, back to cleaning :)

Under one sink:
Feminine products (in drawers), trash can and cleaning supplies for the bathroom.

And under the other sink:
A basket of my hair 'stuff' and our towels.
(Yes, I have more than 2 towels. The others were pre-occupied in the dryer when I took this picture!)

And behind the basket of hair 'stuff', containers that I don't need everyday.
Cotton balls and nail polishes.

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