Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bow Making & Baby Bliss

Baby things are by far my favorite things to buy and make. 
These super cute Baby Girl socks started out as, well... just socks...
Enter a small bow. Well, two if you're getting technical.

Here's how I make mine:

You'll need to start with your choice of ribbon, cut to 20 inches long.
Fold one side over to 3 1/2 inches:

Fold it back at the 4 inch mark:

Continue wrapping the ribbon around the folds you have already created.
Stick a straight pin right in the middle:

The pin gives you the ease when 'spreading out' the ribbon into the desired shape:

Thread a few stitches right through the middle of the bow:

Gather and pinch:

Wrap the thread around the pinched part (the center of the bow) to secure:

I covered the thread with a piece of ribbon (same color, smaller size) to hide the thread and give the bows a 'finished' look.
Then I stitched the bows onto the socks by hand.

Super cute... it ALMOST makes me want to have a little girl!
(Mom, I said 'almost'.)
For now, I'll enjoy seeing another cute girl wear them to Church! :)

Even better than making a gift for a baby...
holding a PRECIOUS baby (and a brand new one at that)!
Sorry Buddy, Aunt Lindsey doesn't make pink bow socks for little boys!

Reese and new cousin Ryder (only 11 hours old).

To see where I learned how to make this particular bow and to find out how to make different sizes of the same bow, go here.

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