Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days Of Things I've Been Wanting to Do, Day 23: Chalkboard Paint

I have seen so many creative ideas using chalkboard paint. Some of my favorite ideas are a wall in a child's bedroom and a pantry door for menu and grocery lists.

Since I have never used this type of paint, I decided to try something small. Now I've used it, and I love it.... watch out walls, here I come!

My small project...

What You'll Need:
Chalkboard paint
Small wood boards
Clothes Pins
Hot Glue
(sorry, I'm not sure why everything is yellow...)

Here's How:
Paint boards with chalk paint, then glue clothes pins to the back.

Okay, I said small project, but I should have also stated EASY project! So cute and fun to reuse.

Here's what I did this particular time....
In our coat closet, we have baskets that store our new-out-of-storage winter accessories. These cute baskets are now even better with chalkboard signs. Now everyone will know where the Hats, Gloves and Scarves go!

Or how about adding a magnet to the back and having a special place for special projects form the kids?....

I also thought of these ideas:
- Gift tags to give your Christmas gifts an extra special touch.
- Place cards for your upcoming dinner parties.
- Label the kids toy bins. (Draw pictures for little ones that can't read.)
- Label your laundry baskets (Whites, Darks, Delicate, etc.)
- Clip labels on your kids hangers with the day of the week so Monday morning, there's no question what to wear!
- Leave a love note clipped on your husband's car visor.
- Reusable lunch box notes.

The possibilities are really endless! I'm going to have these cute little chalkboards everywhere!

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  1. Fantastic ideas! I just might need to head to Hobby Lobby soon to get some supplies for these...