Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Things I've been Wanting to Do, Day 4: Update Entry

We inherited a sofa table several years ago. Complacent with the stained oak finish, I left it untouched. Free and in great condition, I 'liked' it. I was getting that itch to 'love' it (or get rid of it) so I decided it was time for a minor (free, I might add) update.

Used as a sofa table in 2007.....

Moved to our entry in 2008.....

And that's where it stayed until it's recent trip to the garage.....

I used the 'Lindsey' technique:
1. Sanded until my arm was tired.
2. Wiped it clean.
3. Put it on top of old towels, although, somehow, I still managed to get paint on the floor.
4. Using a free sample of paint I received in the mail (Glidden, Pebble Gray) , I applied paint with my favorite paint brush (Angled Wooster, 1 1/2") and then wiped some off with paper towels before it dried.

I love how the original wood finish comes though and the paint is prominent in the creases and designs in the wood.
Not a 'professional' way of distressing, but I managed to accomplish the look I was going for.....

Back in it's place....


  1. This looks really good and I love your distressing technique!

  2. Do you put any kind of finish on after the paint? You know, to get a smoother feel to the wood? I did the same thing with brown paint to a piece lately and I was wondering . . .

  3. Megan, I didn't. It was smooth after. Alot of the wood texture still showns through the paint because I rubbed most of it off. You could always lightly sand it too. If I wanted something 'shiny' I would have applied a coat of sealer. Hope that helps!