Friday, December 2, 2011

These are a few of my favorite (December) things!

Welcome December! We are so excited you are here. As snowy, brisk air fills the sky outside, Christmas music and the smell of baking fills our house!
We are finished decorating and now it truly feels like Christmas could come any day!!!! (OK, I still need to wrap presents first....)

These are a few of my favorite (December) things that will be happening this month....

1. Christmas traditions! We are continuing with some of our favorite traditions and introducing some new ones.... I am SOOOO excited about Santa sending our house an 'Elf on the Shelf'. Be sure to come back and see what kind of mischief our little Elfette gets herself into this month!

2. My cinnamon colored stand mixer! I tend to use this baby the most in December! You will be sure to see it pictured in days ahead!

3. Making cookies! I will be sharing LOTS of our favorite 'Cookies for Santa' recipes!!!!

4. BIG light bulbs! (New to our home this year, thanks to the clearance section last year.) They just make everything brighter!

5. Taking old decor and making it seem new!

(Adding a little greenery and a pretty stand to your usual hand soap.)

(Don't forget to make the potty pretty!)

(A little old tree gets some new ribbon and a new place this December.)

6. Christmas books! We love to read! What is more inviting than a stack of books on your coffee table? We will curl up to these good books over and over again this month!

7. Christmas crafts! I'll soon be sharing a few projects that little fingers will be working on around here!

8. Opening Christmas cards that are delivered to our house! (We haven't gotten any yet, but I am always excited to see whose will come first!) I'll share fun ways to display them during December and what to do with them after the Holidays!

9. Piles of presents! It might seem overwhelming, but as a kid, I always dreamed of being a gift wrapping lady. When my mom got presents wrapped in the mall, I watched those ladies work their magic and knew I wanted to do that! Now I get to pick out, buy, and wrap those presents! Giving is definitely better than receiving!

10. 2 of my absolute FAVORITE things! Most of what I do with my days is centered around these two. So, if I happen to miss a day or two of blogging in December, just think of these precious smiles and you'll be sure to forgive my absence! (And if I added an 11th favorite thing, it would be dressing my kids alike!)

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