Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Little Christmas...

We haven't spent an actual 'Christmas Morning' in our own house since we've been married. We started a tradition of turning a night, before we travel for the Holidays, into a Christmas "Morning". 

Stockings are opened before breakfast....
(I underestimated the amount of room in the stockings, so some fun things were hung on the tree. It turned into a fun 'hunt'!)

Breakfast! (Must come to the table in P.J.'s, of course!)
This picture is missing the best part (Bagel French Toast, found here) but I wanted to include it because the plate of sausage biscuits makes me smile every time I see it. Graham is anti-bread right now, so can you tell which biscuit is his????

Then presents!!!!

Wooden Cookie and Pizza set for the Little Buddy...

More rooms for Reese's doll house she's been collecting...
(This excited face was because she opened the Baby Set- hard for Mommy to find!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

"A BIG doll!"

I take a picture of Reese's present to Daddy every year.
She does it completely herself- wrapping and addressing! :)

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