Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Weekend! And Elf Trouble...

Shew! Like many people around this time, we have had one extremely busy weekend! I have been looking forward to this week. I pictured myself in my apron all week, cooking and baking lots of goodies in my kitchen. It's Tuesday, and I can already tell you that's not happening anytime soon! (Enter sad face here.)This week is filling up faster than I can find cookie recipes!
Sigh. Maybe next week.....

The people in our house aren't the only ones that have been busy. A certain little Elf has been keeping our kids on their toes!

You want us to paint our nails red? OK!

And the stockings were hung with..... the Elf!

(When we hung the stockings earlier, I had Reese 'temporarily' fill the picture spots until I got pictures developed. I'll probably never replace her drawings!)

One morning we found Cutie Bell on the tree with new ornaments!

When I asked "Who made the marshmallow mess?" Reese was quick to say, "Graham!" She didn't realize it was a marshmallow path.....
Down the stairs.....
Through the living room and kitchen....
And up on the top shelf sat our little Elf and the evidence of who made the mess!


  1. love all the sweet things you do for your family!

  2. CUTE! We will have to share the marshmallow idea with our elves!