Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The REASON for the Season...

You'll be seeing lots fun things happening with Cutie Bell (our Elf), and you'll read things about Santa and other 'traditional' Christmas things happening around here. But I want to assure you- Christ is the center of our house! Christmas or not, we strive to live for Him each day. And we are trying to instill the same way of thinking into our precious children.

Each year we put out a Nativity set. I usually put 'Mommy's' out, but I was realizing that isn't much fun for little hands. So this year, we went with our Little People Nativity.
(I'm pretty sure this picture was the last time it was set up so nicely! :)
That was the purpose of putting it low and in play-view!)
(If you don't have one, it is definitely a toy worth investing in!)

A certain little boy has absolutely fallen in love with Baby Jesus. Precious, right?
He hasn't put Baby Jesus down very much lately. That's fine by Mommy!
May he always feel that way! 

We played a fun game this year since the Nativity was 'kid friendly'. We took turns hiding one of the 'pieces' behind our backs. The person to spot what was missing first, won!

We'll have lots of fun with our little Elf , visits to see Santa, remembering 'giving is better than receiving' and always keeping in mind the REAL REASON for the SEASON!

I hope the Love of Christ fills your home this Holiday Season!

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