Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Tip- Check It Twice!

Make your list and check it twice....

I have been buying presents, here and there, and storing them in our hallway closet up stairs. Don't get me wrong, I take time and effort into gift giving, but I have found that purchasing things in advance helps the stress level (and wallet) when the Holidays come rolling around! So today, I went through my closet and made my list....

I list the gift, the recipient and the cost of the gift. If I have shopping to do, I make a separate list of who to buy for, how much to spend, and a gift idea.

Next will come wrapping! I group my gifts together by family/Chritmas party and wrap each group in the same wrapping paper. That way, when you are grabbing presents on your way out the door to a party, you don't forget anyones present!

Happy Listing!

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