Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Madness- Traveling with kids

Calming the MADNESS while you travel with kids...

1. Pack snacks! When in crisis (slow moving traffic, the next exit is still 5 miles away, or someone is just ready to get out of their car seat), pull out a fun snack and you have instant content children.

2. Pack games/toys/DVDs -especially if you are planning a long road trip.

3. We often pack a meal (breakfast or lunch) in a cooler when we have many hours to travel. If you don't need to stop to eat, it's amazing the time you will save. Besides, eating in the car is a good time passer.

4. When we make a 'potty stop', EVERYONE goes potty, whether you think you need to or not.

5. Pack headphones. It helps keep the noise level down during a movie and keeps the older kids content while the younger ones need a quiet nap.

6. Keep a tote or basket of some type at the kids feet to keep all of their toys in. Having contained toys helps keep the car clean and avoids the kicking-of-toys-out-the-door-when-we're-trying-to get-out scenario.

7. Dress comfy! We usually keep our kids in their pj's until we have to get out of the car. Shoes off, relax and enjoy the ride!

8. Limiting the fluids that go in, will limit the fluids that need to come out. (Okay, I'm not saying dehydrate your children. Just don't allow them to hold their sippy cup the entire trip, refilling it as they empty it.) With little ones, saying "I need to go potty" usually is hinted with a bit of emergency. (Especially if they are newly potty trained, you don't want to take chances.)

9. Decide on good traveling times, depending on your children. We have a 12-hour drive when we visit family, so we always leave early in the morning and try to arrive by dinner time. Our kids don't do well traveling at night.

10. Make the most of your stops. (Change diapers, go potty, stretch, let the kids run around in a safe, grassy area, throw trash away, change seats, etc.)

Don't get frustrated when it takes longer to travel with children than it does without them. Your goal is to get them there, safe and happy. :)

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