Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Madness- Cleaning Madness

Cleaning your house for company doesn't have to = MADNESS!

Keeping up with the daily housework will eliminate the stress of last minute cleaning for the Holidays!

Here's my idea to get everything, in the house, (continually) done....

On a piece of paper, list all of the things that need to be done once a week. You could also write them on index cards.

Here's my list:
Wash Sheets
Laundry (Towels, Whites, Darks, Reds, Colors)
Clean Bathrooms (Toilets, Showers, etc.)
Wash Floors (Bathrooms, Kitchen, Other)
Tidy Closets

As you make your list, keep a mental note of how long each item takes you to do. That way, you are not overwhelming yourself with time consuming tasks on the same days.

Then I divided my 'things to do' up by days. Here's my breakdown:
Sunday- Nothing (I like to reserve this day of rest to spend with family and we are very busy with Church)

Monday-  Dust (all furniture) Windex (glass in doors, TV, fireplace, washer/dryer- and any other place that little fingers touch)

Tuesday- Clean Kitchen (Wipe cabinets, scrub sink, clean out 'junk' drawer, wipe down refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, clean out refrigerator/freezer, vacuum)

Wednesday- Clean Bathrooms (Toilets, Tubs, Showers, Wipe Cabinets, Vacuum)

Thursday-  Clean Floors (Steam mop bathrooms, kitchen, all hard wood, laundry/mud room)

Friday- Laundry day (I like to get the majority of laundry done in one day)

Saturday- 1. Putting away laundry (sometimes finishing a load or two) and tidy closets  1. Picking out clothes for the week 3. General 'tiding up'

I also have a 'daily mental list' of the daily tasks I did not include in my index cards. These things are done everyday:
Wipe Bathroom Counters
Make Beds
Wipe Kitchen Counters
Clean up toys (my little helpers do this)

If you wrote your individual items on index cards, you could keep them in envelopes labeled by day.

Don't overwhelm yourself with cleaning. Keeping your home tidy and clean will help keep your nerves calm and your spirits up this Holiday season!

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