Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip- Rapunzel Party

I had so much fun throwing this Tangled birthday party...

The Cake:

I made chocolate cupcakes and adheared them to a cake base with icing.

I iced half of the cupcakes with blue icing, to represent the water, and then sprinkled crushed vanilla wafers on the cupcakes with white icing, to resemble sand. 

(I used toothpicks to hold up the dolls hair out of the icing.)

Make a wish!

The Door:
Nothing says "Welcome to our Tangled party" more than hair on the door!

The Food:

Jello Boats

"Frying pans, who knew?"

Bread 'Braid'

I hung lanterns over the food and winded 'hair' (yellow yarn) down the center.

The Fun:
I bought a cardboard castle for the kids to color during the party.

Of course, it had Rapunzel's hair coming down from the tower....
(In the back, you can see the purple banner I made with yellow suns.)

The Game:
I made a wanted poster of Flynn Rider.
(I printed a coloring sheet off the computer and traced it onto a transparency sheet. Next, I traced it onto a poster board using a projector. Finally, I tore the edges and had my husband burn around the poster to enhance the 'wanted poster' look.)
And 100 hours later....
Pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider's face!
(Print your own frying pans here.)

The Party Favors:
Pascal Blowers
(Make you own party blowers here.)

The Birthday Girl:
Rapunzel showed up!

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet girl!

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  1. Way to go!! Looks like it was a ton of fun!! :) Thanks for posting!!