Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fun- Turkey Cups

Turkey cups will be a fun addition to any Thanksgiving table!

I combined a few ideas I recently saw and here's what fun the kids and I came up with on this Fun Friday...

What You'll Need:
Scissors (the Mommy and the kid kind)
Googly Eyes
Disposable Cups
Scrap paper

Here's How:

2. Cut
In addition to cutting the turkey hand feathers, you will need a yellow beak, a red gizzard, and a brown circle just big enough to hold the turkey face.

3. Glue
(Oh yeah, this is were I regretted doing this little project in the living room....)
You're probably thinking it was one of the little helping hands that did this, but no. It was the Mommy squeezing a little too hard on the glue bottle. Table, floor, couch and more...

Clean up and back to gluing...

And wha-la!
Turkey cups! We'll be using ours for snacks...

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