Monday, March 5, 2012

100 THINGS +

So..... remember my '100 THINGS Challenge' from just a week ago?
Well, I'm here to tell you my progress!

Let's look back, shall we?
Remember this upstairs, hallway closet? (The one that is being turned into a toy closet?)
In this picture, it is storing our summer clothes and lots of other, well.... stuff (and junk).

And do you remember this closet? (This was our master bedroom closet.)
 Full of only winter clothes....

So I starting purging things that I didn't 
(Read about my purging questions here.)

I felt so good getting rid of that stuff!

In fact, when the Hubs got home, he wanted in on the action.
(OK, really, the conversation went like this...
Me- Babe, I'm trying to get rid of 100 things out of our closet. Do you think you could part with 50 things?
Him- Yeah, I'm not emotionally attached to anything in there.
Me- OK, well I think I'm getting ready to reach 100 THINGS on my own. Do you think you want to try for 100?
Him- Sure.) 

I later found out that there were a few items he was a little attached to. But who doesn't have their favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt?
I also found out that I was the one to purge for him. No problem there, I was on a roll.

A couple of days later I was finished. I had the Man of the house take the 8 boxes of clothes down to the basement.
And if you were to walk in our closet right now, this is what you would see........

OK, I know you are saying, "Lindsey, it still looks full."
Yes, I know. But keep in mind that I combined TWO closets.
And, it's organized.
And, I have proof that I got rid of a bunch of stuff.
Here's my LIST:
My Clothes:
65 shirts
11 skirts
5 belts
10 pairs of shoes
3 purses
7 jeans
3 dress pants
8 t-shirts
4 shorts
7 carpi's
13 sweaters
9 dresses
2 robes
5 coats
7 p.j. pants

Joel's Clothes:
21 Polo's
12 sweaters
14 dress shirts
5 ties
17 t-shirts
2 shorts
2  4 suits (He thought the jacket and pants should be counted separately. I reminded him this was not a competition- wink, wink.)
2 sports coats
1 dress pants
4 belts
1 sweatshirt
2 hats
2 jeans
3 p.j. pants
1 running pants
I WIN!!!!!!
We did it! :)
Together purging 250 THINGS!

Now, down to the nitty-gritty...

HIS side:
Top Shelf- Sweatshirts, Short Sleeved T-Shirts, Long Sleeved T-Shirts
Top Hanging- Sweaters, Long Sleeved Polo Shirts, Short-Sleeved Polo Shirts
Bottom Hanging- Dress Shirts, Work Shirts, Ties

(Top to bottom)
My Summer Pants/Shorts
My Jeans/ Winter Pants

The '3 black tubs' is my new laundry system. I did laundry over the weekend, and so far, so good!
Into the top tub goes RED and WHITES
Into the middle tub goes DARKS
Into the bottom tub goes Sanitary wash (undies, socks, towels, etc.) 
The tubs have handles. So, when the tub gets full, I take it to the laundry. Wash, dry, return (in tub) and put away.

MY Side:
Top Shelf- Long Sleeved T-Shirts, Short-Sleeved T-Shirts, Sweatshirts
Top Hanging- Cami's and Tanks, all other Shirts (grouped by color)
Bottom Hanging- Sweaters, Dress Jackets, Skirts

Now, if you turn to look behind you (if you were in my closet) you'll see the 'other' side...

TOP Shelf:
Joel's Summer shorts/pants, Jeans, Brown/Tan Dress Pants, Gray/Black Dress Pants

(left to right)
Joel's Suits and hanging pants, Our Jackets, My Dresses, My long Skirts, My Hanging Pants
continue on...
Scarves, Belts, Extra Hangers
(And below, my jewelry cabinet that is screaming
"PAINT ME!!!!")

To the left of all of that...

In an attempt to have more floor space, I got rid of the previous laundry 'system'...
(enter great back tubs!)
And, I got the ironing board off the floor...

So, I still have some fun ideas.
I have great envisions of really cute baskets lining the top of the shelves.
New Curtains?
A rug?
(and the list goes on...)

Just remember, your closet will never be completely done. As you use things daily, get rid of things, buy new things, seasons changing, you share a closet.... all of these things can quickly upset your clean closet.
 You need to constantly keep it organized!

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  1. WOW!!! I must be a hoarder because I can't give up the urge to go through all your give aways for myself! I just can't pass up hand me downs! :) Great job!!!