Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It Never Hurts to Ask...

When I shopped at Gymboree last week, I had every intention of ONLY buying Reese new school shoes.
(This is the second year in a row that she has outgrown her current shoes with only months left in the school year. )
Well, if you have ever been in Gymboree, you know that they have some really irresistible (well-made) clothes for kids!
I ALWAYS head straight to the clearance rack. They were having a clearance sale, so an additional 20% came off of all the clearance clothes at check-out. Plus, I was armed with a 20% off coupon.
(I was feeling pretty savvy.)
I found the shoes I needed and then searched all the clearance racks for winter clothes to buy ahead for next winter for the kids.
And, of course, I found a few things....
For Graham:
Red Sweater Vest- $4.47
Long Sleeved Truck Tee- $5.11 
For Reese:
Life Is Sweet Long Sleeved Tee- $4.15
Twinkle Toes Tee- $6.71
Undies- $2.09 a piece

The undies came from Crazy 8, Gymboree's sister store. I also bought Graham these long sleeved t-shirts from there:
(Each shirt was $2.79)

When I didn't see any other Winter clothes for the kids, in Gymboree, I noticed another rack with Summer clearance clothes.
I was soooo excited!
These Summer clothes were from Gymboree's 2011 line. And some of the things on this rack I already had tucked away in Graham's "Clothes To Wear Box". (Learn about that here.)

What was more exciting? The prices!
I paid $1.27 for this long-sleeved collared shirt.
I pictured it by these black socks I bought (that Graham needed).
The socks were $1.30.
It's crazy the socks were more 'expensive'!!!!

There really wasn't much else on the rack I saw that would fit. The long sleeved collared shirt was a 2T so I knew it wasn't going to last the whole summer. I figured for $1.27 I'd get my moneys worth, even if it was only worn a handful of times.

I had been in Gymboree about 30 minutes (time flys when you're having fun) when I noticed that I was the only shopper. (Other than Reese who was glued to their little t.v.)
I also noticed that there were two employees. And as I was shopping, the one lady had continually been going to the back and bringing out MORE clearance things.
I decided to talk to her, to get a feel for her mood. I didn't want to bother her with questions if she was trying to get stuff done to go home.
She was trying to get stuff done, but was MORE than happy to help me.

(Thank you Lady, you are about to make my day!)

I let her know that I was looking for clearance summer clothes for boy's in a 3T. I had the $1.27 shirt in my hand, so I wasn't willing to pay much more.
I asked her if she could find things under the 5 dollar mark, specifically around $2.99. 

THREE different trips to the back and this is what this savvy shopper came home with....
Red Polo- $1.91
White Polo- $3.83
Black Polo- $1.91

Snappy Tank- $1.91
Football t-shirt- $3.19
Gnarly t-shirt- $2.55

Denim Shorts(with white stitching)- $1.91
Denim Shorts- $2.55
Patchwork Shorts- $1.27

When I got home I was excited to see if what I bought that night went with what I already had (from buying ahead last year.)
New Gnarly t-shirt goes with shorts Graham wore last summer.

New Navy football t-shirt goes with new shorts and t-shirt I bought last year.

And now, Graham's "Clothes To Wear Box" looks like this....

We just need warmer weather to get all of these clothes out!!!!
Come on SPRING!

Now, every time I don't see clearance clothes I need, I know to ask.
Do you think they'd just let me go to the back with them? (he he)

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  1. Good buys, Lindsey! I've tried quite unsuccessfully this year to stock up for next winter. But, now I know to just ask for more clearance items! Thanks for the tip :)