Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bed Swap- Part 1

When needing a guest bed in our guest bedroom, we decided to purchase a smaller bed for Reese. (We needed, the currently occupied, queen sized bed that she was using).

She may have been down-sized, but she definitely 'up-graded'.
(Queen bed we moved to the guest bedroom.)

It was a lot of bed for such a little girl to make...

Used mostly for sleeping...

and reading....

and packing for Gramma's....

and, occasionally, the stuffed animal choir...

and, OF COURSE, birthday breakfast in bed!!!!

We found the perfect bed for her. We decided against a bunk bed and went with a day bed with a trundle.
She was so excited when I told her it would, kind of, be like a couch. I said she could prop pillows up and sit on it to read and play. 
To which she responded, "And I can get a T.V.????"

Haha, nice try.

I'll show the finished room tomorrow! :)

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  1. You know your mom and I both had matching beds with trundles, right? :)