Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bed Swap Part 2

Reese's Room Before:

Bookcase made specially for her by my Dad.
We needed something for her books and I got this idea from Pottery Barn Kids. I e-mailed my Dad the picture and if you ask me, this dollhouse bookcase is better than ANY Pottery Barn one!

They brought it from Virginia for her 3rd birthday. It was bigger than she was!!

And now....

New bed and bedding...
(I know, I know... Iron the cover Lindsey!!! I was just too excited to get it on the bed!)

The 'Bookcase' that previously held books, is now taken over by Fisher Prices'  "My Loving Family" doll house accessories.

Temporary bookcase till I find something better....
I read somewhere that kids need a 'junk drawer' to keep their odds and ends. The top basket is hers to put her junk. Things that come in the house that you don't have 'a spot' for.
It has worked nicely for us!
(Bouncy ball, pictures, notes from friends, music Cd's, etc)

The bottom basket (and a shelf in her closet) hold her books for now.

Still keeping the 'Beach' theme..

And oh the stuffed animals!!!!
Believe it, or not, she just got rid of 15 of them before this picture!
(I have a cute Pinterest idea for these guys. Coming soon to a blog near you!)

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  1. I'm sure she loves her "new" room. I really like the other bookcase, anyway.