Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 11 Moments of 2011

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!
Here are our top 11 moments of last year....
11. Started Life (and so much more)
What a fun (and sometimes exhausting) adventure this blog has been! It has brought much encouragement and I have enjoyed posting our happenings and fun things to do!
Thank you for being a faithful reader!

10. I held my first Volleyball Camp this summer and enjoyed my 4th year coaching this past fall.

9. Sports, sports and more sports! (From the beginning of the year to the end...)
(Daddy's make great coaches!)

8. Mini Disney/Florida trip

7. Reese started K-5!

6. Trip to Minnesota and Mall of America

5. One of my little brothers got married!

4.  Joel and I enjoyed a trip to Germany! (The kids enjoyed a fun stay at Gramma and Pa pa's!)

3. Reese turned 6 on November 20th!
(Celebrating at American Girl Place in Chicago with friends.)

2. Graham turned 2 on July 30th!
We were all ears at this party!! The boy loves Mickey Mouse!

1. We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on June 5th!

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