Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Card Album

I have received  so many beautiful, thoughtful cards over the Holiday seasons! I certainly didn't want to throw them away or even stick them in a box (A box that I will find 5 years from now). I needed to put them in a spot where they belong.

"Everything has a place, and everything in it's place."

These blessings (sent in card form) needed a place to belong.
And I had two perfect guinea pigs friends to make these neat albums with!
(Thanks Pinterest for another splendid idea!)

Christmas Card Album

What You'll Need:
Hole Puncher
Thin cardboard (I used the cardboard backing to 12x12 stacks of paper that you buy to stock up your scrapbook paper stash)
Scrapbooking paper (I used Christmas paper I found that was not your 'typical' Christmas colors)
Embellishments (This can be left open to what you want and what you like. For me, the embellishments picked were based on what I had on hand.)
Glue dots
Metal ring (One that can be opened and closed- not a key ring type.)

Here's How:
1. Start by measuring your largest card. (Width and length) You will be cutting 2 pieces total of cardboard to use as your 'front' and 'back' to your album.
Mine ended up being a little over 8 inches tall and almost 6 inches wide.

2. You will then use one of your cut cardboard pieces as a template to cut 4 pieces of scrapbook paper the same size. (Before you use your 'template' make sure your 2 cardboard pieces are the same size.)

3. Use glue dots to glue your paper pieces to your cardboard. The glue dots are perfect for this project because there is no mess and regular glue can wrinkle your paper when it dries.
You will be covering the front and backs of your cardboard- that is why you need 4 pieces cut.

4. I cut other scraps of paper to add interest and layering to the front of my album. I had a 'N' chip board that I glued on also.
To achieve the dark edges on your paper, try brushing an ink pad (I used brown here) across the edges to give a distressed look to your projects.

5. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around your cards. (This is how you will keep your cards together at the end.)
I attached my ribbon with.... you guessed it :) Glue dots.

6. Next comes the hole punching.
Start by punching your cardboard front and back. Make sure to punch far enough away from the edges but not too far in that you will be punching out an eye in your photo cards.
Use your already punched cardboard piece as a guide to punch all of your cards in the same spot!

7. Start hooking! I put my back piece on first, then my cards, and then ended with my front piece.

8. Snap closed....

Tie and Wha-La!!!!
Open your Christmas Card Album anytime of the year to see and remember your friends and loved ones.
(Find another version here.)

I'm thinking "Pinterest Playdates" once a month??? Anyone????

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  1. I am SO IN for Pinterest Playdates once a month! What will the kids do? Tee hee. Thanks for letting me be a guinea pig... er, friend ;)