Monday, May 21, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again...

Actually, it wasn't the Tooth Fairy's fault that the tooth (finally) fell out.
Reese has been bothered by her loose tooth for weeks now. Wondering and asking and even (dare, I say), obsessing about when this tooth would fall out!
I guess it didn't help that we kept saying things like,
"Chew carefully, you don't want to swallow it."
"I hope it stays in there till June or you'll be a toothless flower girl!"

Well, as usual, Mommy was right. I told her, "It'll fall out when it's ready!" And it did! Reese was getting comfy in bed a few nights ago. She was trying to pull her covers up, apparently that were stuck, and...  don't ask me how but, in the process of pulling the covers up, her knee flew up, bumped that barely-hangin-on tooth and out popped that baby pearly white. Thank goodness 'cause she was starting to not want to brush it because it was that loose. (gross)

That's when...
The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!

She was sure to include in the letter, "Have fun picking out an outfit (for all 1,000 of your Build-A-Bear bears)!"

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Thank you for thinking of me!
The Mommy Who Is Trying To Control The Stuffed Creature Population Around Here

Ahhhh... the day has come. My poor straggle tooth baby. She's still so adorable. It has been quite a hoot to see her do new tricks and re-learn certain things without that little tooth!
(I say little, but, my! What a big hole it has left!) ;)

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