Wednesday, May 2, 2012


There aren't many 'boy' things I make.
OK, none, really.
I've made a zillion bows, bracelets, rings, etc. But not much for the Little Buddy.

Time to change that. Thank you Pinterest for the reminder to include everyone in my crafting endeavours!

Old Tie Turned Snake...
He's ssssssssso cute!

Here's How:
Start with a tie from your Hubby's closet. (One that he won't miss.)
Or, fish one out of your garage sale pile.
Grab a scrap of red ribbon- any size will do. And don't forget the eyes.

I started by sewing the tongue under the 'flap' of the under-side of the tie. Glue would work too. I just know this snake will go through a lot in the coming months, so I thought sewing would handle the roughness.

Eyes came next. I sewed these on too... again, roughness. Glue could work too.

 Then I started stuffing. Grab a small bag of that white fluffy stuff from your local fabric store and stuff the tie. I used a long wooden BBQ skewer to help push the stuffing through the body of the snake. I did hot glue the tie shut but before I did, I needed my snake to 'rattle'.
Enter an old glue stick tube and some teeny-tiny beads.
Shake, Rattle and Roll!
I stuffed the 'rattle' in the tail of the snake, hot glued and done!
Sssssssssssssso eassssssssssssssy!

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