Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh the projects....

It's been a little crazy around here these past few days.

We had a busy weekend. Including a sick Daddy. (boo) Everyone hates when he's out of commission! We sure missed our normal time together with him!

We decided to keep with our Saturday plans and head to a children's museum, leaving Daddy at home to get some much needed rest....

The busy weekend has turned into a busy week!
(I have WAY too many projects going on right now!)

Here's a sneak peek (at a couple of them)....

Got my Mother's Day cards and gifts sent out!

A ruined table getting a touch-up:
 Taped it off...
 Started painting it- CHALKBOARD style! So excited for my kids! :)

A HUGE project that has taken days so far..... (I can't tell you what it is/for until Sunday!)

FINALLY! A new camera lens to replace my dropped-and-rattling one!



Can't you see a huge difference? It has made taking pictures much more enjoyable!

Other projects not pictured:
Making the {SO} SWEET GIVEAWAY winners' socks!
Helping plan and prepare for a Mother/Daughter Picnic Lunch this Saturday.
Making/painting a derby car and sailboat for a race coming up!
VBS crafts. I'm the 'Craft Lady' this year. :)
Reese's Kindergarten Graduation coming very soon!
Graham's 3rd Birthday party plans.

Oh and more.... but I need to go or my list for today won't get done!!!

I hope you are getting your 'list of things' done.
I have found that if you actually make a list, you get much more done.
There's something so rewarding about crossing off what you've been able to accomplished!

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