Friday, May 18, 2012

(Another) Flower Power

This flower is beautiful. (And oh so easy).
And I have a beautiful sister-in-law that was a great model!

If you didn't think you could tackle the Flower Power from yesterday, I'm sure you can manage this one!

Here's How.....
You'll need to start with 6 cut circles- consecutive sizes.
DO NOT cut them perfect. It will be a waist of time. (You will see why in the next step.)

You want to know how I got the pattern for my circles? I grabbed 6 cups out of my cabinet. Seriously.
Then I used the cups to trace circles onto card stock. I cut the card stock circles out, put it on top of a stack of fabric and starting cutting.
Wha-la, circles.

I'm not sure exactly what the fabric type is called. It feels silky, is shinier on one side and burns well.
Apparently, I missed the gene of fabric knowledge and sewing skills that runs so prominently in my family. :( Boo.

Once your circles are cut, burn the edges. Again, DO NOT be perfect. It adds so much when some petals are burnt a little more and not exactly the same.
This is when you need to keep in mind how big you want your circles. They will shrink a little when burnt.
Disclaimer: You are NOT setting the fabric on fire. It should simply just wilt as it gets close to the heat.

Layer and glue. (Hand stitching does well here too instead of glue.)

And you're done! Wait, what? Seriously???? Yes :)

Remember the gift I sent my mom for Mother's Day? She got a pretty flower on top.....

I attached a pin and added leaves to the back just like I showed you yesterday. I also finished the front with a small crystal gem in the center.

The EXACT same concept can be used to make a similar flower, but different and, I think, cuter. :)

See the difference? This one has more 'petals'.

Here's How....
Cut your same petals as the first flower shown on this post. Before you burn the edges, cut 4 slits around the circle. Like this:

Then, when you burn it (same technique) it turns out like this:

So cute, right????

What you make depends on the initial circle sizes you cut out.
{I cut much smaller circles for smaller flowers and bigger circles for a bigger flower.}

Make it a bobby pin.....

Or a ring.....

Don't forget the finishing touch of a jewel, gem, or button in the center!

Contrasting colors!!!!

The possibilities are endless people!!!!!
Happy Flower Power!