Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bump Day Bump Date- 9 Weeks


Last Friday, March 8, I was officially 31 weeks along!
9 weeks to go!!!
(And yes, pregnancy is technically 10 months rather than the 9 that you usually hear about!)

Maternity Clothes

I haven't purchased any new clothes for me, but I did buy matching Easter outfits for the kids. 
Joel even has a shirt that looks just like Grahams. 
Now I am in the process of finding something to wear so I can coordinate too!
Here are a few I've had my eye on....

All three dresses can be found at Pink Blush Maternity
(They have seriously cute clothes!)


Yep, still eating my fair share of chocolate.
I've also added fruit popsicles to my 'desired night-time snacks'!
Now I'm thinking I should get some fudge popsicles. The best of both worlds!


Here I am at 31 weeks.....


The Baby's crown to rump is approximately 11.4 inches.
Baby weighs about 3.75- 4 pounds.
(Still so tiny! My stretching tummy certainly thinks differently!)

Boy or Girl?

When we went for our sonogram appointment in December, we didn't want to find out if we should buy pink or blue.
"What?!?!?! Why???" Is the reaction we got.
Apparently, it's true torture to the Grandmas for us to NOT find out.
The technician who did our sonogram told us that there are very few couples who come in NOT wanting to find out. And NO, we did not have her write it down and seal it in an envelope for us! :)

We have a girl and a boy already. (And the basic baby clothes needed for each.) I thought it would be SO neat to hear it first from the doctor after waiting so long to find out. We did find out with our other two but we are REALLY excited for this surprise!

It's fun to hear the kids talk about having a little sister or a little brother.

Now, the hard part, picking out TWO names! :)

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  1. I'm going to guess it's a girl :) You look great! There is nothing like that moment after giving birth when you hear the sex of the baby. It's so fun! And, yes, picking two names is a challenge. We actually picked four names when our first was born; if it was a girl I got to choose the final name, and if a boy my husband could. It was kind of fun that way, but harder to choose that many! I love the coral dress!!