Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bump Day Bump Date- 8 Weeks


Today marks 32.5 weeks pregnant for me!
This has been a tough week! I went to the doctor last week to confirm my sinus infection. Taking antibiotics and meds always makes me feel less than normal. A week and a half later, I'm still coughing and having drainage.
My prenatal visit on Monday went well. (I am now on two-week visits!)
I weighed in at 150. A few pounds less than my last visit, but not enough to be concerned about. I had spent the whole day on the couch before my appointment nauseated. My loving husband came home at lunch early from work to feed and play with Graham. He was then the chauffeur for my appointment, dinner maker and cleaned up the dishes afterwards! He did the bath and nighttime routines too.
Awesome doesn't even scratch the surface.

I WAS concerned about this baby being breech. Most mornings I wake up with a hard lump right under my rib cage. My babies are normally never that high and to me, it felt like a head.
It was amazing to have my doctor feel the baby through my stomach and tell what and where the 'parts' were. Turns out that hard lump is just a little hinney. :) And the baby's back was curved on my right side. Its head is down and everything looks good!

Maternity Clothes

Nothing new, but I did manage to ruin a shirt with bacon grease. And I'm REALLY ready to wear short sleeves!

I was able to give a big bag of clothes to a friend. She isn't quite as far along as me so my 'early' maternity clothes will get more use!

Funny thing you don't think about unless you're pregnant....
I haven't 'buttoned' pants since last fall. Two reasons for that: One, buttoned pants could be very uncomfortable and not at all giving;  Two, it makes those potty emergencies less of emergencies! ;)


No new cravings, but I discovered something that I wish I had known earlier....

So, one of the major things I have to adjust to when getting pregnant/being pregnant/nursing are the GIGANTIC horse pills known as prenatal vitamins.
Anyone else agree???
I can't tell you how many times I would gag and gag trying to get those things down. (Pathetic, I know. I've always had a hard time swallowing pills.)
Anyway.... my life (or at least my night-time gaging ritual) has changed.
Who knew??? Now I just chew two yummy gummies everyday and I'm set!
And they're actually good!


This picture is literally 10 minutes old and not too flattering.... I just said to my husband, "Quick, take a picture of me for my blog!" Posting this picture is true love people!!!


Baby's crown to rump is 11.8 inches and weighs about 4.4 pounds.
The Baby appears less red and wrinkled now and its kidneys are fully developed!

Still LOTS of movement. I mentioned to Joel that when I feel it kick, it seems like it's a boy because it kicks so hard! To which he replied, "Or a soccer girl!" :)

Happy Bump Day!

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