Friday, June 29, 2012

School Supply 'Cake'

There are several ways to create a 'School Supply Cake' if you were to search how-to's.
Here is my version. 
Short and Sweet. 
I think pictures tell it better than paragraphs of words.

{I'm not giving an exact list of 'What You'll Need' like I usually do. The supplies will vary with the size of cake you are aiming for and your own creative touches!}

I started with a round, silver charger as my base. (You could also use an actual cake base).
The center of the cake is a (1/2 gone) roll of paper towels and 4 one subject notebooks.
Space out the notebooks around the paper towel roll and secure with rubber bands.

My idea with the rubber bands, was that after this cake serves as a center piece, it could be taken apart and its' contents used.

I surrounded the bottom with packs of crayons and attached with rubber bands.

Then I topped the crayons with bottles of glue. Again, more rubber bands. :)

To give it a little more, I put glue sticks in between each box of crayons.
You want everything to be tight so it doesn't shift.

Then the cake topper.....
I had these cute little boxes leftover from Halloween.
They originally had a monster on top and candy inside.
I hardly ever keep things 'just in case' one day I might need it.  But, in this instance, I'm glad I did!

I cut a thick card stock square, bigger than the top of the box  and painted it all black.
Can you guess where I'm going with this???

I didn't want the cake topper box to appear empty so I decided to cover the window with crayons.

Every good graduation decoration needs a tassel, or two.
I made these out of yarn I had on hand.

A hole in the top of the 'hat' was a perfect fit for these tassels.

Wha-la! Cake Toppers Graduation Hats!

I finished the cake with ribbon to cover the rubber bands.

And here is the finished cake displayed on the beverage table of 

Click HERE for the adorable and FREE Teacher Subway Art printable!

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