Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Again!

In the words of my Dad after a vacation...

"Home Again, Home Again, Giggity, Gig, Gig."

"Where did you go?" You might ask...
"Where did we NOT go?" Is my response.

We left late one Wednesday evening from our Humble Abode and traveled about 2 hours away to get a head start on our long journey.
Our pit-stop for the night was in Indianapolis, IN.

Thursday, we got up bright and early and started for Virginia. Our usual 12 hour trip will now only take 10 hours since we stayed the night in a hotel the night before. (We were actually REALLY excited about the trip not being the whole 12 hours!)

We reached Virginia that evening just in time for my little brother's High School Graduation Open House.

We stayed in Virginia with my parents until Sunday. While we were there, we celebrated with my brother and family at his Graduation...

and the next day we visited a local zoo.

Sunday finally came. The great anticipated day!!!! Off to the BEACH!

We arrived at our rented beach condo Sunday evening in North Carolina. The 6 hour trip was well worth it as we stood on the deck and breathed that salty air!

We spent a glorious 6 nights and 7 days with sand in our toes. (And ate more than I should say... but it was too good to keep to myself so I WILL share soon!)

On the following Sunday, we parted ways with my parents and siblings and headed to another part of North Carolina so the Hubby could squeeze a little bit of business into a lot of vacation. Sunday night was spent in a hotel in Charlotte, NC.

Monday afternoon (after taking the kids to see Madagascar 3) we headed to visit Joel's sister and brother-in-law in Greenville, SC. We had a fun, relaxing time! It was fun to drive by our old apartment where we lived our first year of marriage. It still looks the same! :)

Wednesday we left Greenville and headed back to my parents in Virginia. Of course, we stopped at a favorite outlet mall and also made a stop to purchase local peaches. (Yummmmmm)

We visited my parents for a couple more days. Friday we packed up (what seemed like the bazillionth time) and headed to West Virginia for a family wedding. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have attended. Of course, it helped that Joel and Reese were in the wedding party! ;)
I had one handsome Groomsman and one beautiful Flower Girl!

Sunday, we packed the car for the final leg of the trip. HOME! :)
(By this time, we were ready to sleep in our own beds and I was ready to get my clothes out of my closet rather than out of a suitcase!)

2,300 Miles
7 States
3 Hotels
0 Sunburns
1 Condo
3 Sand Castles
8 Gas Fills Ups
2 Lost Teeth
1 Incredible Date Night
18 Days away
2 Movies
1 Wedding
3 Shopping Trips
1 Fathers Day
7 Nights Filled with Card Games
1 Graduation
2 Birthdays
6 Haircuts
29 Restaurant Meals
1 Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner
8 Rearranging/Re-packing the Car
2 Tired (but happy) Parents

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  1. Those are some cute kids in the zoo pics. ;)