Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Photo Frame

Remember the Graduation Frames I made for Reese's Kindergarten Graduation?

Well, here are my instructions of
a VERY easy and VERY cute DIY frame....

Pick up an unfinished wood frame, or two...

Stain the back sides of the wood frame....

Don't forget to get into the little holes in the back:
(The little holes hold the wood dowels that allow you to prop the frame up. 
You will want to stain the wood dowels too!)

When the stain is dry, turn the frame over and apply Mod Podge to the front of the frame with a foam brush.

Place your choice of scrapbook paper to the front of the frame and smooth by rubbing the frame with a credit card.
This is when you can get really creative with the type of frame you make! Choose paper to match your home decor, baby paper, anniversary paper, sports paper, etc.

When it is dry, turn it over to reveal the back of the frame and the back of the paper. With a straight blade, cut off the excess paper away from the frame.

It'll end up looking like this....

And close up, you'll see raw edges....

Lightly sand the edges of the frame and the raw edges:

I then brushed a black ink pad on the frame to give it an aged look.
The frame on the left is un-inked, and the frame on the right is inked.

After inking the frames, apply 3 coats of Mod Podge. Allow each coat to dry completely before adding another!

Add a picture!!!!
(Hmmmm..... something is missing...)

A Graduation Hat to 'top' off a great Graduation Frame!

If you already have Mod Podge, paper and left-over stain to use, the cost of this project should be around $1 for the frame.

Easy, cute, AND affordable!!!
Happy Framing!

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