Saturday, June 16, 2012

Con'grad'ulations Reese!

Some may say I went a little 'over-board' with the whole graduation thing.
Okay, maybe I did... a little.... and I loved it, a LOT.

My first baby is now 'officially' a big girl.
Big girl as in, she attends the Ladies room on her own in restaurants and can fill her own plate of food when we are eating. Okay, so I usually 'happen' to have to go to the bathroom when she does and we're working on the 'only take what you can eat' thing.
She's more and more independent everyday! (sniff sniff)

May 25, 2012

Her class performed "The Little Red Hen".
Fittingly, Reese was the Red Hen!

Here she comes! (It's very serious business!)

The class did many poems and songs they learned this year including Psalm 1!

When Reese was awarded her awards, her teacher had such sweet things to say about her. She told us how Reese was so kind to everyone in class and how hard she worked this year in her Bible memorization, reading and math.

Congratulations Class of 2024!!!!!!

On to first grade...

 My handsome guys in attendance!

We had a small dessert reception following the graduation.

First Grade Here We Come!

With the help of another Mom, we served lots of finger desserts, fruit and dip assortments.
However, I cannot take credit for the cake. (Just the fondant worm on top) :) 
A very sweet and talented lady in our Church agreed to make the cakes and turned my 
pinterest-found-print-outs into real cake!

(I'll share my dessert recipes and decoration how-to's in a future post.)

A 'School Supply Cake' and a framed teacher poster decorated the beverage table.

I also made graduation frames with the graduates' pictures. 
(They got to take these home to keep as a gift from Reese.)

Centerpieces for the dessert tables were pencil covered vases with fresh flowers.

Congratulations Reese!
We are so very proud of you! You have amazed us daily with all of the things you have learned this year! Thank you for being a sweet student, friend, sister and daughter. We thank Jesus that He put you in our family! What a blessing you are!
We love you!
Mommy, Daddy & Graham

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