Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY {Duck Cloth} Wreath

I have seen a ton of DIY's on Burlap Rag Wreaths.
And I LOVE them.
Except, when going into my local fabric store.....
I found out that they don't have any fun colors of burlap in stock. (For example, pink!)
The next isle over, I spotted Duck Cloth- in lots of colors. And it was cheaper. Sold!

I started with a wire wreath form. This particular one was 12 inches.
(I was wanting a small wreath to hang on my sliding glass doors. I would recommend a larger one for a front door wreath!)

Then I started cutting my 1/2 yard of duck cloth in strips. It was way too neat. 
I love the rough edges that you see when using burlap. 
So, I cut little slits along one edge of the duck cloth and started ripping.

You end up with messy strings of duck cloth. Perfect!
These were too long so I cut each string into 1/3's.

Then Happy Tying!
Because, literally that's all you have to do!!!
Tie, tie, tie, tie some more..... tie till your fingers hurt. ;)

And you end up with a full, fun, frugal wreath!
{I only spent $2.75 on 1/2 of a yard of Fuchsia Duck Cloth and $2.49 on the wire wreath!}

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